Pineapple Express Omelette (A Jimmy’s Egg Copy-cat Recipe)

Pineapple Express Omelette l Gluten Free with Southern Charm
Apparently, I’m in the mood for weird combos. My last weird combo was chicken, apples, and pepper jack cheese for my Apple Pepper Jack Chicken. Today, it’s a strangely delightful combo I discovered while eating at a restaurant in Oklahoma.

Last year, the hubby and I were in Tulsa for a wedding. We were headed to IHOP for breakfast, but being a Saturday morning, it was crazy packed. However, just around the corner was an unknown (to us) restaurant called Jimmy’s Egg. Not many options were available to us in the area we were (and I was STARVING by that point), so we decided to jump in and try this place.
So, how was it?
Well, let’s just say that since our visit, we have made plans eat at one whenever we go visit my in-laws.
This omelette was on the menu when we went the first time, and I was pretty nervous to try it. But, I’m so glad I did. I love the combination of the ham, pineapple, green onions, and smooth cream cheese. I loved it so much that we made plans the next day to eat there before heading home!

Here’s my pretty darn close copy-cat to satisfy my craving when we aren’t near Oklahoma.
But, if you are ever going through Oklahoma (and a few other places in Texas, Kansas, and Nebraska) stop in and try their version. I haven’t seen it on the menu since that first time; however, if you ask for it, they will still make it.

Pineapple Express Omelette

2 eggs
2 slices lunch meat ham, diced
1 green onion, sliced
about 5 pineapple chunks, sliced into 3 pieces each
1 Tbsp butter
2 slices of cream cheese
salt, to taste

1) Crack eggs into a bowl. Season with salt and beat them until they are a pale yellow color. You actually want a lot of air in the eggs so that they are nice and fluffy.
2) Melt butter in the bottom of the skillet and quickly saute the green onions, ham, and pineapple chunks.
3) Pour eggs over the meat, onions, and pineapple.
4) Let the eggs cook until the bottom begins to set.
5) Gently lift one side of the eggs and tilt the pan so that still liquid egg flows underneath. Continue to do this around the sides until there is no liquid left. It should resemble a pancake right now.
6) Gently flip the eggs over and allow the eggs to cook on that side. (This should take only about 30 seconds or so.)
7) Place cream cheese in the center of the egg and fold the sides over to cover the cheese.
8) Transfer to a plate and garnish with pineapple and green onions if you desire.